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Where Adventures Become Legendary.

Whether you’re looking for a classic dry fly float in a traditional, handcrafted Au Sable longboat or prefer to huck streamers from the comfort of a drift boat, we’ve got you covered. Anglers are always welcome to take self-guided trips but if you want to enhance your experience and learn a few tips, we offer both full-day and ½ day guided trips.

Want to learn how to cast? Or how to perfect your cast? We offer comprehensive fly fishing schools that teach the fundamentals of fly casting in a real-world setting. Our certified instructors teach advanced casting techniques such as the double haul and shooting line for distance.

Every aspiring fly caster will benefit from a hands-on training about aquatic insects and their habitat in our entomology school. You’ll discover how connected these amazing creatures are to river and fish ecology. In our matching the hatch session, you’ll learn how to select the perfect fly for dry and wet fly techniques.

If you’re interested in another kind of adventure, you can bring your own canoe or kayak and spend an afternoon navigating the waters of the Au Sable under a bright blue sky before finishing your trip on a landing next to your awaiting car.

In the fall, spend the day chasing Michigan’s wild and explosive ruffed grouse and woodcock. Aspen cuttings, river bottom habitat and other classic upland bird cover provide the wingshooter an unparalleled challenge.